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How to make this website your homepage

Your homepage (or startpage) is the first page you see every time you open up your browser. A browser is the thing that's displaying this webpage. If you would like to use the main page of this website as your startpage... please read the instructions below... :-)



If you're using the standard Internet Explorer browser (the blue 'E')... you can make this website your start up page by clicking this link and then ticking the top dot... and then OK... or... this method shown at Windows...



If you're using the latest version of Firefox you can just move the icon by the main link in the address bar... and drop it on the home button. Do it from the main page here, not this page... or read how to do it from the following link... Firefox


for new chrome version with no spanner... see this video, also, while you're there, you might want to tick the box that shows the 'home' buitton, and add the correct URL


In Google Chrome go to the '3 bars' top right, choose 'settings', then the 'basics' tab. Tick the 'show homepage button on toolbar' dot, and then copy and paste... into the 'open this page' box above it. Close down bottom right.


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